With an Injury at work, what type of lawyer will you need?

If you have a serious injury at job, you may need to talk an attorney. But what type of attorney will you need? There are the possibilities:

First, most injuries at job are covered by workers compensation insurance. So, one should consider consulting an attorney who specializes in the area. Most attorneys in this area of the law will provide you a free consultation so you can consider your choices. There are specific time limits and proof needs that this kind of attorney will know. You should be capable to find one who is highly rated in your field.

Second, a serious injury at job could affect your employment rights. You may have problems involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (FMLA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), your labor union, and other employment matters. These kind of employment problems may need you to talk an employment attorney. The workers compensation attorney may cover this area but often they just cover their specific areas. Additional, employment problems have different timelines than workers compensation problems; so, for a serious problem it pays to talk a specialist in this area.

Third, a serious injury may cause long-term disability. This may need to apply for advantages under a long term disability, a short term disability policy, and social security. It may be possible that either the workers compensation attorney or the employment attorney covers this area but more likely you may have to consult a St Petersburg long term disability lawyer.The initial place to look is a location known as NOSSCR.  They will have listings of attorneys in your areas.

Fourth, in some cases, the injury was due to a faulty machine. If, so, this needs another kind of attorney. This would necessitate a personal injury attorney, you would need a product liability attorney. So, you cannot just talk any personal injury attorney, you would need a product liability attorney. Often, if you already have an attorney for your other work injury issues, the lawyer can refer you to the attorney you will need. This kind of case raises a unique problem which is proof preservation. If you are claiming your serious injury was due to a faulty machine  or product then this product or machine must be “preserved” in order for a  professional to evaluate it for its defect.

When you do need an attorney

If your workplace injuries are relatively little, you expect to go back to work with your employer at your present job after a few weeks or days recovery, and you do not expect your workplace injury to outcome in permanent loss of body work, you may not need to hire an attorney.

In summary, a serious injury can contain workers compensation issues, disability issues, employment issues, and product liability issues. Attorneys like doctors specialize. Thus, do not assume only one attorney can manage your “work injury problems” after a serious accident. Above, I have listed the 4 types of attorneys you may have to consult.

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