Is 18°C Too Cool? What Is The Ideal Summer Cooling Temperature?

As India burns at more than 40°C in summer, many people have been employing their air conditioners at 18° or 19°. Is this setting cool and comfortable? Actually, people are not cooling but refrigerating their bodies. According to the National Building Code, pleasing indoor temperature needs to be 27.5°C in summer. Moreover, Air conditioners energy efficiency gets rated according to 27°C.

The Centre for Science & Environment researchers have warned that 18° or 19° settings can lower the efficiency of five star rated appliance, drastically. However, AC’s efficiency gets dropped by 3% – 10% with every degree below 27. Just imagine how much money gets wasted and the efficiency of your star rated appliance gets compromised at the temperature your air condition gets operated.

How thermostat setting functions?

CSE research has revealed that 5-star rated air condition operating at temperatures below 20°C are less efficient when compared to 1-star unit running at 27°C.

People believe that setting thermostat at 18°C will cool room faster than setting at 25°C. This is a wrong thought, especially when the summer heat has escalated over 40°C.

Thermostat checks room temperature and stops compressor, when reaches desired level. In extreme outdoor heat condition, it takes long to bring heat inside the room to 18°C.

Due to extreme summer heat, the compressor can hardly take a break because the room warms almost immediately as air hits 18°C. Consistent pressure on compressor coupled with erratic power supply can hinder the performance or cause a breakdown.

What affects the air conditioners electricity consumption?

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Indoor temperature
  • Temperature setting
  • Insulation of room

Huge difference between outdoor or indoor temperature and desired temperature then the compressor runs for long to cool the space as well as consumes lots of electricity. Therefore instead of setting it low you can increase °C to save 3% to 5% units consumed on each °C. Imagine the amount you will save each month on electricity bill. helps to calculate and compare savings among same star rated appliances.

What is the Ideal Summer Cooling Temperature?

You can see that increase in temperature will not decrease comfort level. Even the air conditioner manufacturers in India have designed their devices to work up to 52°C. For example, Samsung split AC has rotary compressor, which has been reinforced to offer steady functioning even at severe temperature of 52°C. Even with this kind of reinforcement appliance malfunction, because of improper thermostat setting.

Your body temperature [average 37°C] that harmonizes with environment is 25°C to 26°C in summer. It helps you work productively and save on utility bills. Ideal temperature depends on your priorities – more comfort or electricity savings.

Technicians suggest that maintain room temperature to 25°C to 26°C help in two ways. First, your body is not subjected to severe temperature, while moving from room to room. Second, compressor gets rest between the cooling cycles.

Besides setting your thermostat between 25°C to 26°C, so as to limit energy needs of the AC and enhance cooling use a fan simultaneously to reduce temperature. Using fan is very cheap because it costs 1 Rs/hr in comparison to AC consuming 10 – 15 Rs/hr.

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