Important Steps You Need to Take When Get Hurt at Workplace

Many people suffer from workplace injuries every day. Irrespective of the state, one should not hesitate in consulting a lawyer if you get hurt at the workplace. To get the right financial compensation there are several things that you need to perform. Seeing a reputed doctor as selected by your employer is one of the things that you should not ignore. There are certain things that every employee should need to know to protect their legal rights when they face a workplace injury.

Report the injury

Any type of injury that includes an acute traumatic injury, a cumulative-trauma injury, or a disease or a hearing loss should be reported to the company nurse or supervisor. This makes it clear that the injury was caused to the worker/employee at the workplace. As per the worker compensation law, hurt at work lawyer advises an injured employee to file for any such workplace injuries within ninety days of the injury date.

Ensure that supervisor forms a company accident report

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to prepare the injury report on your behalf. If he fails to prepare the report, then you need to remind them by writing a letter that mentions the facts related to injury. Also, it is required that you maintain a record of when did you give the letter to the supervisor and get a signed receipt from him once he receives it. When the supervisor provides you an accident report, you should keep it safely for any future reference.

Take necessary assistance from a recognized medical professional

It is very important to verify injuries that you have been caused and sustained in the workplace. It is important to get medical care through the medical professional as selected by your company. Going to your personal doctor, would not be considered ethical as per the laws and also you will be required to pay for the consultation.

You need to talk to the company doctor explicitly and in detail about how they got injured at the workplace. If you find that the doctor as suggested by the company is not providing required care to you then the injured person should send a written statement to the doctor stating all facts that elaborate the entire incidence of getting an injury. Also keep a copy of this statement with you to produce it in future if needed.

Follow all medical guidelines as suggested

On visiting the doctor for getting medical consultation, you will be provided a set of dos and don’ts to perform at home or workplace. Follow all these guidelines diligently and keep a copy of the consultation with you. Also, it is required on part of the doctor to send all medical bills to the employer for reimbursement of the payment.


All these things are very important to be performed by an employee. If you do not perform these things then it can deprive one of their rights under workers’ compensation law, following them gives a reasonable assurance that their rights are protected.

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