Reasons to Choose a Condo Over an Individual House

Condos are becoming quite popular among investors these days. They are a great alternative to conventional apartments and expensive houses. The key difference between owning a condo and an apartment is the community. Condominiums are shared communities where each resident has a say when it’s about community’s safety, rules and aesthetics.

Though apartments also have some community rules, but they are enforced by landowner of the apartment. However, there are various reasons, which make condos a better option than individual apartments. This guide will brief you some reasons to choose a condo over a house.

Benefits of Condos

  • Luxury and Comfort

Condos offer you great building features with first class amenities. Security, luxury and comfort offered by a condo is not available in individual apartments. Some of the key amenities include swimming pools, fitness rooms and gyms, sky lounges and much more. There is nothing better than getting all the mentioned amenities near your condo. Community collects and invests funds in development of these amenities, which means that you get a luxurious lifestyle.

You don’t need to travel for attending gym classes, tending gardens or lawns and repairing the fixtures etc. Hence, if you are a homeowner, who is looking for a classy and comfortable lifestyle, then a condo is what you should have. You can reach out to Rocco Basile, one of the most popular constructor and developer of condos at New York for valuable advice.

  • Proximity and Accessibility

Condos are more accessible to city areas than individual apartments. Condos are becoming a popular choice of small families, newlyweds and singles. People working in urban areas prefer to buy condos than individual apartments due to their location and accessibility. Most of the condos are made in key city areas which are near to schools, hospitals, entertainment areas, malls and commercial establishments.

This means after buying a condo, you won’t need to travel to far flung areas for attending gym classes, shopping, for sending your children to school and for watching movies on weekends. However, make sure that before investing your hard-earned money in a condo, you take advice from Rocco Basile, one of the reputed condo developers in New York.

  • Great for City Workers

Condos are a safe investment for people, who work in central city areas. It is always better if your residence is near to your workplace. Not only it saves you from travelling, but also it is safer in comparison to other options. Additionally, it reduces the hassle of driving through heavy traffic areas. Condos can be great option for females since they don’t have to travel long during night time. Hence, if you are looking for a secured residence, a condo is what you need.

  • Wise Investment

Nowadays, condos are high in demand due to which their value is increasing. It is wiser to invest in a condo since they have quick reselling benefit. In future, if you want to shift from a certain location due to job change etc., you can easily sell your condo at high prices. You will never face shortage of buyers while intending to sell your condo.


Hope this guide will help you to understand the benefits of a condo over house.

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