Few Internet Laws That Every SMB Must Be Aware Of

We are living in digital age where most of your business activities can be performed within lightening speed. However, while dealing with internet every SMB owner must know few essential laws of internet so that he may not be penalized for his ignorance of the law.

According to Aaron Minc internet defamation lawyer following are the few fundamental laws of internet that every SMB must understand to be successful in the business.

  • Any anonymous defamer in the web can be caught

These days, many people defame each other by assuming some fictitious name or ID on the internet. Someone may even write negative review about your business and possibly try to defame the product or service provided by your company. Yes, you can certainly identify them by obtaining court order. The ISP of the website will help you by providing the IP address of the computer from where offensive review was made. That will give you the lead to identify the culprit.

  • No more fake negative campaign

You can no longer pay somebody to write negative comment or review about the product of your business competitor. Many people often try to malign their competitor’s product in order to attract their customers and get more business in malicious manner.  This is no longer possible as there are ways to catch such people. This is also considered as unfair business practice and once you are caught then you may have to pay big penalty.

  • Online copyright protection

All companies have their own intellectual copyright protection and there is Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in force. Though, this law will soon undergo many more changes in order to accommodate against various abuses of this protection. In any case most of the small companies are highly dependent on this law to run their business. If any complaint is filed against any website violating the above law then he will certainly have to face consequence.

Sometimes, there may be certain false challenge under DMCA. However, if you have legitimate copyright claim then there is nothing to be afraid of.

  • You get domain right with trademark registration

Few years back many people earned huge money by misusing someone’s trademark domain names. Not any more now, as Anti Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act has been drafted to protect some one’s trademarked domain right. Therefore, in case you find any cyber squatting activities with your website then you must consult any domain dispute attorney.

  • Follow the dot com disclosures

If you ignore the online marketing rules then you may land into serious problem particularly if you are dealing with any multi-billion-dollar company. If you are found to be violating any rules regarding dot com disclosures then the fine can be very huge, which may totally ruin your business.

Therefore, to be safe you should always remain in the safe side of Dot com disclosure. It will be a good idea to hire a cyber law expert in your company, who may regularly audit your website and campaigns and advice you accordingly.

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