The Benefits of Decorating with Unique Artwork

When you think of decorating your home or office, your first thoughts might be of draperies or furniture. Do not discount the benefits of displaying artwork, though. Decking your walls with the unique creations of artists like Christopher Marley can enhance your environment. Art can help your guests feel welcome, give people something to talk about and grow in value as it is passed on.

An Invitation to Engage

Nothing sets the tone of a space like the art you choose for it. Featuring a prominent artist can exude an air of wealth and luxury, giving your waiting room a confidence-inspiring decadence. Highlighting the work of a local artist in your office communicates your commitment to supporting your city’s culture and economy before you even say a word. The pieces you choose can make your business stand out in the mind of everyone who walks through the door, and anything that makes customers remember you in a positive light can help your business. Art invites questions and lures guests into engaging with the environment.

A Story to Tell

Art can start memorable conversations. A coffee table book about Christopher Marley Pheromone, his installment of insect art, can stir up discussions of your child’s obsession with their bug collection or lead to spirited marveling at the wonders of flight. The sculpture that you bought on the street in Italy can result in an evening where dinner guests confess their most scandalous travel stories. A seascape that reminds you of the view from your summer home can spark plans to visit again soon. Art is a catalyst for human interaction.

An Investment to Bequeath

Art can be a lucrative investment. Just like you passed on your love of the outdoors to your children, you can pass on the exquisite interpretations of the natural world captured by Christopher Marley in his art. Pieces from his collections showcased by the House of Whitley could become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. Not only does the art you love serve as a fond reminder of you, as the years go by, a work of art can increase in value and become and impressive part of your descendants’ inheritance. Beautiful art is meant to last.

Art can help you make your environment more engaging, tell a story or give your children something unique and concrete to remember you by when you are gone. Whether you are looking for fresh ideas to decorate your home or office or wanting to set a specific tone for the space that only the works of Christopher Marley can set, consider decorating with art.

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