Improve Your SEO Rankings With Tips That Work

Establishing a strong SEO presence can seem like one of the most elusive marketing strategies due to algorithms that change every few months and the significant amount of misinformation that exists on the subject. It is critical to dispel these myths so that you can work with your San Francisco SEO agency on strategies that really work.

SEO Quick Fixes

If rising in the SEO ranks was as simple as shelling out money, every successful company in the world would be jockeying for space on the first page of search results. Furthermore, purchasing backlinks that could be adjudged as spam can land you in hot water with Google, costing your company hefty penalties. This can cause serious harm, as you may be virtually invisible to search engine users for months.

A solid SEO strategy based on your unique business model takes time to formulate and requires the knowledge and experience of SEO in San Francisco experts. At the very least, your agency will need to perform onsite SEO optimization and conduct keyword research. A good agency will also identify your most profitable services and products to further hone the strategy.

Internal Blog Posts 

Unless your website has high domain authority or is well established, internal blog posts will barely make a blip on the SEO radar. Now, this does not mean you should eschew blogging entirely. It simply means you should shift your tactics a bit.

Writing blog content for other websites will boost your domain authority by creating authentic and relevant backlinks, which are highly favored by Google’s algorithm. Do not grow discouraged if it takes time in the beginning to land guest blogging opportunities. Once you have achieved some recognition through a number of posts, it will become easier. You may even find that marketing professionals at other organizations start approaching you with opportunities!

If you write a blog post but no one sees it, does it really exist? If you decide you want to include a blog on your website, it is imperative to promote the posts through social media channels. For example, a Facebook advertising campaign could drive traffic to your blog and ultimately help you attain high SEO in San Francisco.

Keyword Stuffing 

Not only is domain keyword stuffing an ineffective strategy, it could actually incite the wrath of Google, as the search engine giant may consider it a deceptive practice and label it duplicative content. It is far better to sprinkle in keywords that make sense and add value to the content on your website.

Keep the aforementioned tips in mind as you begin working with your San Francisco SEO agency and you will set yourself up for success.

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