Maintain Your Valuable Washing Machines Regularly To Avoid Costly Repairs

You can save money on costly repairs and help your machine last longer if you follow these simple washing machine maintenance tips. Pay special attention to any moving parts as well as the interior. Front loading machines have different maintenance requirements than top loaders. When you need to make repairs, find a reputable dealer of commercial laundry parts online.

Your commercial washing machines see a lot more use, and thus take more wear and tear than home machines, so they need more frequent maintenance as well. The hoses need to be inspected daily for leaks or visible wear. Replace them immediately if there are any signs of damage—don’t wait for a flood to damage your investment. You can find commercial laundry parts online for all your maintenance needs. Another daily task is cleaning out the drain pump filters. If your facility experiences a high volume, clean these as often as the dryer lint screens—for some this means several times per day.

Each week, you should check each machine for level. Uneven or large loads often cause excessive vibration and this in turn, causes the legs to veer from level. If you find any legs are damaged and need to be replaced, you can order online laundry machine parts. Clean out the fabric softener dispenser with plenty of hot water and a soft brush. For any front-loading machines, clean the gasket with a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution to prevent mold growth. The interior of each machine also needs to be cleaned at least weekly. Some high-volume facilities may find that this needs to be done more frequently, from several times a week to daily. Use a prepared cleaner or the solution of white vinegar and water to help retard mold growth and keep the interiors of your machines shining.

Each month, you can keep your laundry machines looking great by inspecting the exteriors for nicks and scrapes in the finish, then touching them up with touch up paint. This is a good time to look at door hinges and machine safety features as well. Order any replacement commercial laundry parts online for the best selection and great deals. For commercial laundry facilities, it is wise to hang prominent signs advising users to limit the amount of detergent used to that recommended by the manufacturer; this helps protect your pumps. Once any paint has dried, polish the surfaces with a spray wax to keep detergent and softener spills and drips from sticking to the exterior, and make those machines look brand new.

By diligently following a maintenance schedule, you’ll keep your machines in top condition. This can draw new business and keep existing customers loyal.

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