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You value your intellectual property. It’s the core of your brand identity, and the foundation on which you build your business. In order to trademark your business and patent your IP, you’ll need to work with a top patent attorney in NYC to secure your rights and protect your trade secrets. For that, you can trust Gearhart as your partner in patent and trademark law.

Patents vs. Trademarks

Understanding patent versus trademark is like understanding an invention vs. its brand name. A patent protects the inner workings of your intellectual property, including any proprietary technologies or methodologies involved in development. A trademark protects your brand name, and prohibits others from misusing it to either misrepresent you or profit from your reputation and IP. You’ll need to file both, even if you haven’t yet formally established a business. You can file a trademark as “intent to use” and secure the right to use ® after your trademarked name.

A patent can be more complicated, a years-long process that requires demonstrable proof that your IP is original, compared against the U.S. or global patent database. We’ll work with you to prepare a patent application and supporting information, including commercialization plans and details regarding legality and prior patent submissions. With our guidance, you’ll be able to submit and prosecute your patent for approval, gaining the rights to defend ownership of your IP in court.

Where Does Copyright Fit In?

Patent and copyright can sound similar. Yet while a patent protects a particular method, material, configuration, or invention as something exclusive to your company, a copyright protects your intellectual property from being duplicated and/or used without permission. Copyright protects your right to ownership of the work and its derivatives, and can cover anything from entertainment media to architectural designs. As your partners in IP protection and an expert patent attorney in NYC, we’ll discuss everything from filing and enforcing copyright to fair use, derivatives, and anything else needed to keep you safe.

Confidentiality is Key

It’s said that two can keep a secret if one is dead, but when your business relies on the confidentiality of your IP you’ll need protections to ensure your employees and competitors can’t illegally use your patented, trademarked, and copyrighted data or products to their advantage. That’s where confidentiality agreements and legal insights regarding trade secrets come into play. We’ll help you draft air-tight agreements that ensure your position is defensible in court.

Leveraging Your Technology IP

Beyond protecting your technology IP, you need to know how to monetize it. It can seem as simple as just putting your product and ideas out on the market, but you’ll need legal protection that mandates exactly how partners and consumers can use your product. This involves technology agreements, with licensing and terms of service. Don’t worry about the jargon; we’ve got you covered, and will help you prepare solid licensing agreements that keep you in control.

Doing the Legwork of Due Diligence

Looking to invest, or attract investors? We’ll do the research for you, and make sure everything is above board with your potential partners. We scrutinize every detail of business history, financial records, and IP portfolios to provide you with the detailed data needed for smart decisions.

For a qualified patent attorney in NYC, turn to Gearhart Law. Protecting your intellectual property is your business; protecting you is ours.

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