Complete a Product With Plastic Cord Locks

A plastic cord lock is a handy device that can be fitted for the use in apparel, backpacks and industrial applications. In the case of coats, the locks can be used to fasten the bottom of the coat and pull it tight to the body, or it can help enclose a hood around a person’s head. The plastic locks can help keep the strings in just the right place and are effective in keeping rain and wind out. They could be used as an effective and stylish way to close a compartment on a backpack and can be utilized in fitness and camping situations and products. In industrial applications, they are a versatile device that can be adapted to many products. Here is a rundown of some locks for sale, as well an overview of other products available online.

Cord Lock Styles

Cord locks usually come in black and white colors and in a durable plastic material. Made with versatility in mind, the locks can be adapted to multiple uses.Some of the styles include a plastic wheel lock, a black plastic ball lock, a black plastic block lock, a white plastic square lock and a flat top lock. A customer can use a compare tool to look more closely at each plastic cord lock and focus on its features. Some of the locks feature steel springs and can come in large and small openings to accommodate different thicknesses of cords. Standard locks feature versatility while dual locks allow for greater tension. A company representative is always available to help the customer choose which style is right.

Webbing Choices 

A full line of webbing is also available online. Webbing choices come in cloth and nylon and polypropylene materials and can be used in a variety of situations. Elastic webbing materials can be used in equestrian, medical and uniform applications. Other uses include clothing, baggage, and outdoor equipment. The elastic webbing comes in many choices of styles and textures and colors. Woven polyester is the most common material. For military uses, webbing comes in a variety of fibers, including cotton, polyester and nylon. Plain and herringbone weaves are available that conform to military specifications.There is also a full line of webbing choices that are friendly to the environment by using recycled materials and non-toxic dyes.

Zipper Products

Also available online are a number of zipper products. The zipper line comes on spools or cut lengths and includes nylon and plastic varieties.They are designed for use in clothing, garment bags, and sporting goods. The zippers are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Specific colors can be ordered as well, with low minimum orders. Finishes include nickel, gilt and enamel.

A plastic cord lock is just one of the many products available in one place online. Customer service representatives can help with all orders and can advise on custom orders. Because the company deals in large volumes of locks, webbing and zippers it can pass on cost savings to its many customers. The company offers quick service and the tracking of all orders.

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