Trends in Home Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Your home is often a reflection of you and your family, and what you value. From cozy and homey to quirky and fun, the exterior of your home can express a lot about who you are. Home exterior painting in Kennesaw, GA, can be a good way to update your home and touch up the wear and tear it has endured over the years. Just as home interior painting in Kennesaw, GA, is an important investment that keeps your home from looking outdated, so is refreshing the exterior of the house. If it has been a while since you painted the exterior of your home, these trends in home exterior paint color combinations might inspire you.

Turquoise and Yellow

If traditional isn’t your thing, and you want something bright, this combination could meet both of those needs. Generally, neutral accents, like shutters,will tone it down and keep it from being too gaudy. For something a little more subdued, gray and turquoise also usually work well together.

White and Dark Brown

Try these contrasting colors for home exterior painting in Kennesaw, GA, if you like getting creative with accents and outdoor decorations. Together they create a neutral palette, which typically makes it easier to use bright, bold colors elsewhere.

Blue, Cream and Beige

A variation of a classic white and blue theme, this trend adds interest with beige and cream tones, along with a deeper blue. This typically complements a home that has a pool or Spanish style homes.

Taupe, White and Olive Green

This color combination often works well with houses with a steep roof or a covered front porch. If your home is made from stucco or has some stonework, the natural tones of these colors may also be a good complement.

Peach and Cream

Darker accent colors, like reddish-brown, can make the peach and cream combination shine. The colors are soft, but with darker accents, they often showcase details in architectural design.

Green, Blue and White

This combination is inspired by colors found in nature. Cottages and Tudor style homes are usually a good fit for these colors.

Blue and Brown

If you own a brick home and want a change, a blue or blue-green shade is often good for painting brick. Once again, the dark brown trim that seems to be becoming increasingly popular, complements the blue.

Red and Blue

For a bold, but traditional look, pairing red and blue together is a trend for home exterior painting in Kennesaw, GA. It can stand out in a crowd, but is not necessarily loud if the colors are more muted with bluish-gray undertones.

Aqua, White and Purple

If you like color, you might like this bright trio. However, a little goes a long way. It is usually best to use a bright, bold color like aqua or purple on the front door, and keep the other house colors neutral. A good rule of thumb is to keep your exterior paint colors similar to the other houses in the neighborhood

Home exterior painting in Kennesaw, GA, can sometimes be one of the least expensive ways to update your home. With help from a professional, you can learn how to incorporate some of these color trends into your home without compromising taste or sophistication.

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