Career Guide on Legal File Clerk

According to the recent report published by US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a possibility of legal file clerical job requirements to rise another 6% in the coming years. According to them, the job of a legal file clerk is one of the few jobs that are expecting such a high projected growth.

A career as a legal file clerk is challenging and requires a lot of effort from the person in order to be successful. There are a lot of day-to-day challenges that a legal file clerk needs to face. Therefore, to be successful, you have to able to overcome this challenge confidently.

Who is a Legal File Clerk?

A legal file clerk is a person who works in the office of advocates/lawyers or attorneys. The main responsibility of the legal file clerk is to organize and properly maintain various records related to the cases handled by the lawyer or attorney. These documents include case studies, memoranda, letters, case files, correspondences and invoices. A legal file clerk will also be given other tasks such as checking mails, ordering supplies and making copies.

Whenever lawyers ask for a file related to a case, it is the responsibility of the legal file clerk to locate that specific file and hand it over to the lawyer. It is a job that requires the clerk to be attentive and systematic in order to handle the day-to-day needs.

Expected Educational Qualification for the Job of Legal File Clerk

For the post of a legal file clerk, there is no special educational requirement. Any person who has completed a high school diploma is eligible for applying for the post of a legal file clerk. During the selection process, the main focus is given to the organizational capabilities and communication skills of the candidate. Most of the skills that are needed for completing the job successfully are learnt on the job itself.

Most offices, after hiring the candidate, provide the candidate with on-the-job training that includes training on legal filing practices and various procedures related to it. If there are any specific guidelines, then, the candidates will be provided with training on those specific guidelines. If there are additional clerical tasks to be assigned to the candidate, he or she will be provided training on those duties as well.

Additional Career Information for the Legal Clerk Job Aspirants

As per the status published by the US bureau of labor Statistics, there is a huge growth in the demand for legal clerks. It is one of the few jobs in the US whose demand is increasing on a daily basis. The average salary earned by legal clerk is very high when compared to the average salary earned by other clerical jobs. Even though there is a huge concern that due to the digitalization of files, the demand for legal paper clerks may come down, as of now, it is one of the few jobs that has high demand in the job market.

Candidates who have successfully completed diploma from a recognized school can apply for the post in a well recognized company or government firm.

Ellery S. Gordon, a successful law clerk in Los Angeles, feels that it is important to take a right decision and then focus on developing the skills that are required for doing the job successfully.

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