Proactive and Reactive Online Reputation Management – Need and Uses

Online reputation is sacrosanct to businesses and individuals like celebrities in today’s hi-tech world. The online reputation handling has become a critical public relations exercise. Online reputation management is the new mantra of this internet age.

What is online reputation management?

The online reputation comprises of online published reviews, news, articles, etc. about you or your business. It showcases you in the eyes of the online world.

As per certain statistics, there are 2.4 billion internet users across the globe. This number in itself shows the scale of information that needs to be dealt with.

The Internet in itself has become a driving force that can make or break a business or a public figure like celebs or politicians. This has made the online reputation management a critical requirement.

Online reputation management is the constant and vigilant study of online branding and reputation of the business or individuals, thereby creating proactive engagement and prompt handling of any negative coverage.

This can be of two types

  • Proactive online reputation management
  • Reactive online reputation management

Reactive online reputation management

This is employed by most of the Companies. This is a difficult way of countering negative online reputation. In this, the Company waits for the critical situation to strike prior to reacting. This needs the presence of an existing strong basis of the Company.

One of the heavily used tools for Reactive online reputation management is Reverse SEO or reverse search engine optimization.

The Reverse SEO employs basic search engine optimization techniques to drive down the negative mention of the Company in a search thus, restricting the flow of negative information.

Proactive online reputation management

This is an ongoing process. Proactive online reputation management comprises of constant communication with your customer base and creating a loyal following of your product users.

It’s a good practice to be adopted in your marketing strategies. This not only creates a strong base for the Company but it also lends the voices of its loyal customer base in retaliation to any negative online publicity.

Social handles are one of the most frequently used avenues to build a strong rapport with the customers. Your response time is a major aspect of these interaction especially in the case of a problem.

Proactive online reputation management relies heavily on monitoring, to give insight on any problems that may arise and to prevent any kind of dissatisfaction from turning into a debacle.

Revival of brand after online defamation

There may be an instance when your brand is hit adversely by negative online publicity. It could be in the form of a bad review or trolling or a negative article.

In the case of a bad Google review, you need to remove bad Google review either through approaching Google or by taking a Legal action.

You need to initiate a strong Proactive online reputation management strategy. This is needed to not only overcome current predicament but also to handle any future threats.

Another thing that can be done is handling the first page of the search results. This can be done by having a strong presence on various social platforms.

The emergence of the online world has made it a requirement for Companies to evolve and adapt their public relations strategy. They need to have a strong online management strategy to handle their branding and their online reputation.

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