Illustration essays are unique essays that require the student to use facts to support their opinions on a subject matter. Most illustration essays require the student to come up with a thesis statement, and use evidence to support this statement throughout the essay. A successfully executed illustration essay requires a proper outline. The outline will ensure that the student has covered all the ideas and evidence that support the thesis statement. The following are some of the tips that can help you write an excellent outline for your illustration essay.

  1. Provide an introduction

The first step in crafting an outline for an illustration essay is to provide an introduction to the paper. The section does not need to be very specific, but it should contain the thesis statement, the scope of the paper, what it will entail, as well as the importance of writing the illustration essay.

  1. Identify the main ideas to be illustrated

The second step in constructing an outline is identifying the main elements that will be illustrated throughout the essay. The thesis statement of the essay should help the student identify the ideas that he/she will need to extrapolate in order to support their arguments. The student needs to jot down these main ideas in a logical sequence. This means that the most important elements come first, while the weaker points can follow.

  1. Write a summary of what every point will cover

After identifying the elements that will be used to support the thesis statement, the student needs to expound on every element. The student should go to the first idea, and write a few sentences about it, giving a general overview of the idea. The sentences should include the reason for the inclusion of the idea, as well as the sections that will be covered within that section. The student should write at least a few sentences like these for each of the main ideas presented.

  1. Include the evidence that supports the idea

The student will also be required to provide the evidence that will be used in supporting each idea presented. The evidence needs to be part of the few sentences written after each topic heading in the outline. It is crucial to include the evidence after each element in order to help the reader have a full picture of what each section will be discussing.

  1. Provide a conclusion

A proper outline will always come with a conclusion that summarizes the paper. The information contained in the conclusion will include a summary of the thesis statement, an overview of the objectives of the paper, a summary of the main ideas discussed in the outline, as well as a summary of the evidence that supports these main ideas.

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