How to Nail your Next Judicial Clerkship Interview? – Know all the Tips and Tricks

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Not many people know judicial clerkship is entirely different from the general judicial attorney. The basic functions of a judicial clerk are to research on the case beforehand to provide his/her suggestions to the judge, so that the judge can make effective inferences after considering the suggestions.

If you are applying for the judicial clerkship as well, then you are required to go through a particular process of interviews and tests. It is extremely essential that you excel in these interviews so that you get the job as soon as possible. In order to excel, you can follow the various tips and tricks suggested by the experts.

These expert tips can be easily located in the various informative articles and blogs which are easily available on the internet. The candidate must make sure that they have done their research well so that they do not end up facing issues when the interview is going on. In this article, we will be discussing such expert interview tips which can help you getting the job.

Have an excellent application to create a good first impression

It is extremely essential that the candidate creates a good first impression with the help of a well-written application letter. Whenever the judge reads your application, he/she should be able to understand your objectives well so that they can hire you accordingly. However, always keep in mind to avoid applying for the judges for whom you would never want to work so that you can work for only those who interest you well. That is why, researching is extremely essential.

Always consider the slots of your interviews carefully

Now that you have applied for the judicial clerkship at your most preferable judge, make sure that you consider slots of the interviews carefully. To start, ensure that you check your emails and call logs regularly so that you can give them response instantly. Many times, the later slots of interviews can get cancelled and hence, it is always recommended to go for the interviews which have been scheduled earlier.

Learn some more tips regarding the judicial clerkship interviews

There are various other tips to consider when it comes to the judicial clerkship interviews. Some of them have been mentioned below –

  • Establishing communication – many times, the judge will have his/her secretary and other law clerks sitting in the interview to know if you will be able to establish a connection with the rest of your colleagues. Hence, it is always advisable to communicate well with them to excel the interview.
  • Seeking guidance – always stay in touch with the other law clerks to seek their expert guidance regarding the judicial clerkship interviews. Since, they must have given the interviews before, they will be able to guide you better.
  • Carry your credentials – it is essential that you carry your application with yourself so that you can discuss it well with the judge to pint out any mistakes and corrections.

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