The Long-Term Benefits of Adopting a Kitten

Adorable young cat in woman hands.

The inundation of cute cat videos all over the internet is a testament to the powerful effect these creatures have on human joy and pleasure. It is no surprise that aspiring pet owners covet the companionship and playfulness of a cat for themselves, but sometimes making the right choice about how and when to acquire their feline is a challenge. An important consideration is to adopt a kitten. Kitten adoptions will bring greater value to your life as well as the life of your future cat and the community of pets that will follow.

Permanent Home Security

One of the most fundamental reasons to support cat adoptions is that they provide those furry felines with a much-needed permanent home. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 3.4 million cats and kittens enter shelters every year. This means that over three million cats do not have a home, and even worse, risk being euthanized. The same statistical study reported that 41 percent of those cats and kittens that enter shelters will undergo euthanasia. When looking for kittens to adopt, supporting animal shelters instead of pet stores and breeders will ensure that more felines have a chance at survival and life. In addition to promoting positive ethical practices, most shelters spay, neuter and microchip the kittens beforehand, so as to minimize the risk of more adult cats breeding kittens that end up homeless.

Long and Healthy Living

One sad reality is that cat lives can be short-lived. The average lifespan is 12–16 years for indoor cats, but at around age 10, cats begin to experience some possible health issues. This is why kitten adoptions are an ideal choice for those who want to experience the longest amount of quality time with their playful feline. Not only do you have sheer time on your side, but you also have the benefit of maximizing that time by controlling the nutritional and physical habits of your cat at a young age. Most people who have had a cat in their life are aware of how endearingly stubborn those creatures can be, which is why it’s best to start healthy eating and exercise at a young age. This can help to ensure that your baby kitten grows to be a lean and active mature cat that will hopefully live into its 20s.

Social and Emotional Stability

As is the case with nutritional health, an equal amount of attention should be directed at emotional care. Pursuing kitten adoptions allows you, the primary parent, to raise your kitten. This includes determining whether or not you want your cat to be indoor or outdoor, based off of your environment and lifestyle. Raising your kitten also allows you to closely supervise your furry friend’s socialization process. Veterinarians agree that kittens are the most amenable between 2–7 weeks of age, therefore making it the most ideal period of time to expose your cat to new people, car rides, other animals, and, if it’s in your future, children. This is an important step in raising your cat, as it prepares him or her to face the inevitable changes of everyday life and grow to be the happiest cat it can be.

It’s easy to see why kitten adoptions are not only the most humane alternative to having a kitten, but also the most practical when considering a companion that’ll be healthy and happy for years to come.

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