Know Everything About Plagiarism And Its Dangers

All of us know that by literal meaning plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and passing them as our own. Well, this is the perfect meaning, but there are many extensions to it. For most of the college students, plagiarism means taking someone else’s words, using it in assignments and projects and submitting it as their own. Now, the thing is plagiarism isn’t limited to using the same words but idea, too. Even if you simply take idea and change the words, it is still plagiarism and is an offense.

In fact, it is not only possible to plagiarize someone else, but yourself too. In short, plagiarism is the most terrible offense which many individuals tend to commit in their career. Certain times students do it as a mistake and are truly unaware of it. However, whether you did it purposely or by mistake, it is still an offense and will have the same consequences.

Consequences of plagiarism on students:

Being a student, it is very necessary to understand what exactly plagiarism means and thereby strongly avoid it. Plagiarism will not only affect your current state and grades, but even affect your career for the rest of the life.

If it is proved that you have stolen even a fraction of work of someone else, you will end up in court. There are many cases where students have paid heavy fees to get the charges dropped. In simple words, plagiarism is considered as a very big offense in the professional world and any and every student and professional person must avoid it.

Colleges and universities take plagiarism very seriously and therefore it is not at all sensible to avoid your professor’s warnings concerning it. Teaching staff of your college or university actually have access to those specialized computer software using which they can check your work for any type of plagiarism.

Even top colleges like Harvard University, has taken severe steps against students who are charged for plagiarism. For instance, in 2013, 70 students were dismissed by Harvard University as it was proved that those students have copied each other’s work in an exam which was to be completed at home.

If you are thinking that your college isn’t that strict about plagiarism, simply go and check the college website and there will be definitely an entire page dedicated to it.


 Avoiding plagiarism

In order to avoid plagiarism, the first thing to do is cite every resource that you have used. While paraphrasing someone else’s work, make sure you avoid using the author’s words and phrases which aren’t commonly used otherwise. Also, if there are certain phrases which you cannot describe in your own words, simply quote them as it is and cite the work.

Students these days have plenty of things on hand to complete and therefore paying the required attention to every paper and project isn’t always possible. This is where you can take help from professional academic writing services.

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