Everything you Need to Know about Charging your Apple Products? – Learn about Differences

Since the emergence of apple products in the market, most people prefer buying their products. Apple has given a tough competition to all the existing companies in the technology business. This is because, apple has a distinct operating system in all the gadgets known as the iOS and people tend to prefer it more than the android or the windows one.

The popularity of apple has led to the immense craze among people to get their hands on any product which apple launches. As a result, apple has become one of the most purchased technological brands in the market. However, these products are expensive and one has to be extremely careful when charging them. This is because, charging them incorrectly can damage them permanently. In this article, we will be discussing all the ways of charging your apple products and some of the facts about them.

Learn about some of the facts about charging your apple products

Just like any other gadget, the apple products are required to get charged as well. Mostly the charging devices vary in terms of watts. This is because, the power which the charger requires will depend on the product of current and voltage. The bigger the gadget, the more power it requires. Here are some of the facts about the apple products and their chargers –

  • Since the IPads have a retina display, and they have a bigger display screen, they do require a higher voltage charger and that is why the company provides a 10 watts charger for the IPads.
  • The iphones are much smaller and they do not require such high power, the company provides a 5 watts charger to all the users.
  • However the IPad mini does not require any high power and can be charged with a 5 watts charger only.
  • The 5 watts adapter can be used to charge the IPads as well and the 10-12 watts adapter can be used to charge the smaller devices including phones and iPods. It is essential to remember that there will no harm caused to your device.
  • However, when you charge your IPad using your 5 watts charger, it will not charger as quickly as a 10 watts one would do. Even if you connect it to a computer it will not get charged quickly.

What are the differences between an IPhone charger and an IPad charger?

There are various differences between the two and it is essential to understand so that you know everything about charging your devices properly. While the appearances of both the chargers are similar, there are some differences between the two which can be easily made out. Here are some of the major ones –

  • The output voltage of the apple phone charger is 5 watts, whereas the output voltage of the IPad charger is 10 or12 watts.
  • The charger current in the IPhone one is 1A where as in the IPad charger, the charger current is 1.2A.

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