Beware Of The Hidden Fees While Going For A Car Rental

Are you planning to rent a car to go on a vacation or a business trip? You are sure to find that the process involves a set of frustrating instructions, bylaws and many more. If you read the instructions carefully, then you will find that a few demons are hidden inside the instructions to make holes in your wallet.

You may be feeling happy that you have made a good deal, but in the end you will realize it is many times more expensive than what you thought. You should be careful to avoid hidden charges.

The first important thing is you should know where the extra charges may be hidden.

  1. Insurance – The car rental company may charge you an extra fee for Collision damage waivers and/or Loss damage waiver. You should make sure if this is necessary or not. If your existing insurance policy or your credit card company covers the damages, then you need not purchase the extra insurance referred by the rental company.
  2. The calculation of time – Is the rentals based on 24-hour clock time? Check if the company allows any grace time. Check the extra charges for additional time in case of any delay in return. Some companies charge full day rent for delaying by a couple of hours. Early return can also be penalized by some companies. While some companies offer refund of rental charges, others charge early return fees. Remember to check it with the rental company.
  3. Mileage charges – The hidden charges may include extra mileage charges. Although, most of the companies offer unlimited mileage options, there are a few companies that charge extra rent for travelling beyond the allotted mileage.
  4. Fuel charges – Going for prepaid gasoline is the best way to avoid hidden charges in fuel. When you pay the fuel charges in advance, you have an important benefit. You will be able to drive the car with full tank and return with little or no fuel.
  5. Child car seats – Some companies charge extra fees for child seats. If you bring your own seats for your kids you can avoid this extra hidden charge.
  6. Photograph the car – Check for any damages in the exterior and interior of the car. Check the spare tire. It is better to have it photographed before you drive out. This will not allow the company to make any false claims on damages.
  7. Pick up and drop off – You should avoid airport pick up and airport drop off. The car rental company will charge you extra fees because of the legal mandatory charges made in the airport. Make sure the vehicle picks you up and drops you off out of the airport zone.

Hidden charges can be avoided if you take some extra care and spend some extra time to read the agreement. Have all your doubts cleared. If you rent a car from a classic car rental Los Angeles with a good reputation, you can avoid the hidden charges and enjoy your vacation without exceeding your budget.

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