Tips to select the best CCTV Camera System

Nowadays, with the increase in threats to the properties be it your office or home, security has become the most important concerns of the owners. And one of the most effective security measures that one can take is to set up CCTV security surveillance cameras. But, if you go on to buy one, you would actually get confused when you will have different options in front of you. And moreover, if you do not haveany knowledge of the technical ascpects related to CCTV, then you might get even more confused when you browse through different specifications, product shots, specifications, etc. So, to make it easy, you must follow some basic tips.

Fisrlty, there are three types of camera that are available in the market, namely – the entry level analogue cameras, the High Definition (HD) cameras and the Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. All these three types have different features according to their prices. A basic analogue camera records in a very low resolution as compared to the high definition cameras or the IP cameras. If you don’t want to compromise with the security of your property, then you should go for the High definition cameras or the IP cameras as they record high resolution images.

Next, make sure that what you invest in actually pays off. Don’t think that getting an average quality CCTV camera system that has a low price would be as good as the expensive one. Try to purchase the best system that you can get according to your personal or business budget. It would be a wise decision if you invest into a good quality, small, entry level CCTV system that can support more cameras later.

One of the most important factors that need to be considered while selecting a camera are the lens size, wide angle degree and the storage memory. The lens size decides the range of the camera, i.e. how far the camera can look, the wide angle degree is responsible for the field of vision and the storage memory obviously decides the size of data it can store. Select the capabilities of your camera system according to the position where the cameras are going to be set up. You can seek for the help of a security expert for this.

Also,do check onto the warranty period of the system you buy. Some local retailers that sell unbranded CCTV cameras might offer a warranty period of six months, but don’t go for those products. You must go with brands that offer a longer warranty period, which is generally of three years. Moreover, these trustworthy brands would even offer you a professional installation service. If you don’t have much knowledge about these brands, then you can go with a reputed company like the Axis CCTV.

The last thing that you must take care of is the cost of installation. Many sellers don’t offer a free professional installation but there are some that do. So, if you have the option, then you must go for the cctv company that offers free installation.

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